This is the time of year where many people begin their outdoor activities. Bike riding is one example in this category. Those that travel long distances or particularly challenging trails may experience a fall. There are few steps to follow when this happens to you while on a ride. The first thing on the list is to properly evaluate your status. Some injuries will require an x ray in Wayne appointment for imaging.

This is necessary to determine what the injury is and how severe it might be. After you’ve evaluated your body to see if you are hurt, it is important to respond to injury or pain. Bike riders in this situation should have access to mobile phones, which is a good practice. Phoning for help may be required after a serious fall. Following the right steps could help you to prevent further injury or even broken bones.

Recognize Where You Feel Pain

Legs and arms are the most common areas that injuries occur due to these falls. You need to evaluate you extremities and recognize if you feel pain or discomfort. Sometimes the problem is another area altogether that has been injured. This happens when a biker falls and lands on a different part of the body. Necks and backs can be injured in this way leading to more serious problems.

Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

Once you are back at your car or at home, you might want to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Bike riders in Wayne may think that an appointment is not necessary if their injuries are too painful. Because you don’t need 911, doesn’t mean that a doctor’s visit isn’t required.

x ray in Wayne

Imaging is very important in these cases. There are times where symptoms are minor but the injury is significant. After a bike fall, it is sometimes a good idea to get off and walk the bike back home to reduce further injuries.